DIY Upcycled DecoArt Chalkboard Coffee Table

We have had this table from IKEA for a few years and it has taken a beating. It's been used as a coffee table, ottoman, race track, eating area for Owen, painting area for me and has marks, dents and scratches all over it.

It can still be a functional piece of furniture, but giving it a facelift with some Chalkboard Paint made the surface look new again.


Wooden coffee table
Clear or black Americana Chalkboard Paint

First, clean off your table from any debris, food and smudges. Make sure you clean it really well and dry it off as well. If your table top is smooth, rough it up a bit with some sandpaper so that the paint will adhere properly.

Once your surface is dry, paint a layer of Chalkboard Paint in one direction. You can choose to do this either vertically or horizontally. Allow to dry for 1 hour and then apply your second coat in the opposite direction {ie: if you painted vertically the first coat, go horizontally now, and vice versa}.

Allow to dry for 24 hours. Yes. Twenty. Four.

Now, if you quite like the color of your table, you might want to use the Clear Chalkboard Paint Coating here. This will allow the natural beauty of your table to shine through, protecting the surface, and turn it into an art centre for little ones!

Since our table had a dark espresso finish and the top was marred with various blemishes, I went with the black Chalkboard Paint.

Once the paint has cured over the 24hrs, you're ready to rub it with chalk. This is known as seasoning. Rub the surface lightly with chalk, then wipe clean. This will ensure that no phantom images get left behind on your table.

Then go crazy! Draw pictures, play tic-tac-toe...use it as a game board for when friends come over! It even makes a great homework station for the kiddos!

Disclaimer: I am a part of the DecoArt Core Blogger Program and was compensated for this post and project. All opinions expressed are my own.