2nd Trimester #Pregnancy Favorites

Last month, I recapped a few of my favorite things during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Wow, have my tastes changed!! It's crazy how quickly things can change, and I definitely have a few round of favorites that I didn't want to wait to post until my 2nd trimester recap.

#1 - I stopped taking my Diclectin for nausea last week, Tums have been helpful. I have a feeling that they will be a permanent fixture on my list of pregnancy favorites.

#2 - English Muffins. I swear, I think that this babe will be born with one in its hand. Every morning. With butter...or peanut butter and sliced bananas....or honey...or just pb...or pb and honey! When I was sick following our cruise, it was the only thing that I could really stomach, and it's a quick, easy breakfast.

#3 - Cheese. Sharp cheddar, havarti, brie...whatever! Protein is good for this growing baby, and running mama, and cheese is where it's at for me!

#4 - Chocolate, preferably in the form of ice cream...cookies...Whoppers...really anything. It's weird though. First trimester, I wanted all of the crunchy and salty. Now I'm starting to want the sweet, but only in small amounts. Even still, I'd rather a crunch apple so long as it's nice and firm {still having texture issues with anything soft and squishy!}

#5 - Thyme Maternity straight jeans - they are so darn comfy. Review coming next month, but these are definitely my go-to jeans!

#6 - Old Navy Tamis. A non-maternity wardrobe staple, that I just bought in a medium instead of small. They're long, so great for layering under a cardigan, and come in beautiful colors. Also, they're $8 each when you buy two!

#7 - Dr. Pepper. This one really isn't a big shocker to me. I've loved Dr. Pepper and those 23 wonderful flavors as far as I can remember, so craving it during pregnancy didn't shock me.

Are there things that are totally grossing me out?

As I mentioned briefly, things that are soft and squishy are grossing me out. Grapes...strawberries...the look of raw chicken...dishes with too much sauce. It's definitely a texture thing - basically if I have to chew it for too long, it grosses me out.

What about you? What did you crave? What grossed you out?