16 Week Bumpdate #pregnancy

Oh hey there! 16 weeks this week...and we had a lovely doctor's appointment last Friday, so I figured that it was time for an update!

Dress: Jules et Jim Maternite {review coming tomorrow!}

Pregnancy: 16weeks aka 4 months!

Weight Gain: -2.8lbs. My doctor was NOT happy about this, but when I explained that I've actually gained 3 lbs back from the stomach flu, he seemed happier!

Sleep: Only up once to pee now! Woohoo!
Gender:  I'm still guessing girl...Owen thinks girl...Hubs thinks boy. Big ultrasound February 10th!

Name: Top secret until babe is born

Feeling: Good!! I've been running about 3 times a week, 3-5km each time. My doctor was super happy about that and is supportive of me keeping it up for as long as I feel comfortable. I also stopped taking my diclectin last week, and am managing any nausea with fluids and food. He was happy about that as well!

Health: BP is 98/70, and he said that I have no blood pressure issues and am managing it well...so again, happy news!

Movement: Every night s/he has a dance party and every morning s/he rolls up to the surface {always the left side of my belly button...the doctor was impressed that I could tell him exactly where the babe was when he went to find the heartbeat} to say hello. It's my favorite part of the day, and I can't wait until we can feel it from the outside {I can, but only really faintly}

Belly: Please refer to picture above! It's there and it's not going anywhere!