Word of the Year 2014

My friend Stephanie over at A Grande Life is hosting a 2014 Word of the Year link up, and it got me thinking about what my overall goals are for the coming year.


What do I want to accomplish? Is it something all encompassing, or are there specific areas that I want to work on?

So for the year 2014, I have chosen

I chose the word Grow for a few reasons, and not just because my belly will be.

To me, it means to evolve, change and adapt; all things that will be happening once baby is here, but things that are constantly at the forefront of how I live my life. It also pertains to specific blog related goals, and some personal achievements that I am hoping to accomplish.

Here are my goals.

1) Grow the number of races I run in 2014. I've already signed up for a 5km in May, am looking at one in April, and am going to be completing 4 legs of the LOST running series. That makes 6 races which puts me in line with 2013. All before baby comes. There are at least 2 races that I'm looking at for the fall, so this goal will certainly be attainable.

2) Grow my readership. This is probably a pretty standard goal for a blogger, but if you don't have a strategy and you're just wishing on the stars for your readership to grow...good luck. I have a strategy, and thankfully some really awesome blogger friends to bounce ideas off of.

3) Grow as a mom. Since our family will be literally growing by two little feet, I will naturally grow as a mom. I'm sure that my heart will grow new room for this baby, and I hope against hope that I have enough sense of mind to go with the flow. My expectations on myself are alot lower this time, there's less room for failure but I would like my patience to grow, and my appreciation for myself to grow as well.

4) Grow the quality time spent with my husband, and my children. {eek, I just said children}. I have a plan, and I know that a certain road to a certain firey place was paved with good intentions, but really truly seriously I have a plan. Dates with my Bear, dates with my Hubs and dates with my babe.

5) Grow my plan for my really really big goal for 2015. Ideas are swirling, and only a handful of people know of this goal...it will get revealed little by little next year.

So...what's your word?