Trust Yourself

For the past few months, I have been struggling to trust not only myself, but the words of others {specifically when it relates to the miscarriage in August}.

When we don't trust ourselves, and our instincts, unfortunately that is when unpleasant things happen. We hold ourselves back, and we put up walls. How can we expect greatness and success when we cannot trust the one person whose intuition matters the most; our own?

One of the most helpful things that I do on a daily basis, and recommend to all of my clients, is meditation, and specifically through a podcast or app on your smart phone and with headphones in to block out distraction.

Meditation Oasis has a great meditation for trust. Whenever I feel the trust in myself slipping, I put this one on before I go to bed and wake up with a renewed sense of self.

This 12 minute meditation starts with relaxing music. I find that this music helps me clear out the mental clutter between my ears, and lets me focus on Mary's voice when she start speaking. She speaks about a basic trust in life, and in yourself.

Having a trust in life in general is important, especially when you are rocked by a tragedy or loss. Trusting that things happen for a reason, that your thoughts come when they are needed and are let go without effort. It's so important to recognize that life is an ebb and flow, that we can only control certain aspect and that trusting in the process is as important as the process itself.

Bring your awareness back to trust, both in yourself and in others. Trust people when they tell you nice things about yourself {who doesn't love a compliment??!!} and trust yourself when your instincts kick in.

Remember, you are the only one with the power to change things for yourself, so trust that voice inside!