Our Favourite Christmas Present

Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret, a REALLY HAPPY SECRET, for 3 months?? Gah!!

Well, the time has come and we are absolutely thrilled to share with you all, all of you lovely, supportive, wonderful readers, that we are indeed expecting and baby is set to arrive in July 2014.

Yes, there will be updates, and reviews and maybe some fun giveaways. Nursery planning is fully under way, and gee I've had some weird cravings!

Pregnancy: 13weeks

Weight Gain: well, I had the stomach flu last week so I'm actually -5lbs

Sleep: Up to pee 2-5 times per night, but happily doing so!
Gender:  No idea, but I'm guessing girl right now (and yes, we will find out in February)

Name: Top secret until babe is born

Feeling: Pretty good! I has a really rough patch from 6wks-8.5wks, and last week was awful with the flu, but other than that...I'm running, I'm happy, it's good.

Health: BP is low. Like 90/60 low. So...I'm on a "get more salt" diet, which is weird to me. I'm used to not using ANY salt due to my Dad's heart issues and eventual passing away.

Movement: Little bumps and flips...I forgot how awesome that part is!

Belly: Oh it's there...definitely there!