I can, I can, I can...so (year in review)

When I started thinking about the past year and wanting to do a Year in Review post for New Years Eve, I thought about all of the things that we have experienced and how to sum them up. Last year, I did a month by month photo recap. This year? This year is different.

2013 has left a profound mark on my heart and soul. We have been through the wringer this year, but at the end of the day...I have learned one thing.

I can do anything

I can make it through heartache
I can start a new facet of my business
I can run an amazing charity campaign with my incredible team
I can host a party for BlogHer with my bloggy bff
I can get my work into galleries, and book a solo exhibition for 2014
I can run a 5km...then another...a 6km...and another 5km
I can do Insanity, and actually finish it
I can
I can
I can

Happy 2013. Thank you for being there throughout every step, tear, smile, post.

Cheers to a year gone by, and a new beginnings for 2014.