Holiday Centerpiece ideas from Pinterest

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to get your tables pretty. You never know when unexpected guests will drop in for some holiday cheer!

Dress your tables with various textures and stick to a color scheme that fits with the rest of your decor. This year, we will be having lots of burlap, crochet details, chalkboard elements and ribbon. I guess you could say that we are going with a rustic theme this year, so this tablescape caught my eye when I saw it on Pinterest

Simple for an intimate dinner, and since our Christmas plans are to stay cozy at home, my plan is to make my husband a nice dinner after we've tucked out little guy into bed.

The bundle of cinnamon sticks, tied with pretty ribbon, would fit our decor really nicely and bring a lovely aroma into our home for a candlelight dinner.

How do you dress up your table for the holidays?

For more inspiration, check out my Happy Holidays board on Pinterest!