1st Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

Over the past few months, a few things have become my absolute favourite things in the whole world.

#1 - Tums Ultra Strength in Peppermint. Feel nausea coming on? Excessive indigestion? These will save you alot of agony and close-calls when it comes to early pregnancy nausea, morning sickness and indigestion

#2 - Skinny Belts. These have been a lifesaver during that I'm-pregnant-but-feel-fat-and-my-bump-is-there-but-not-really-there phase. They give a little bit of definition to make you look pregnant and not like you're just wearing a baggy shirt, which is nice. They're also an easy accessory to dress up your outfit!

#3 - For some reason, any maybe it's because 1st trimester for me was fall-going-into-winter, I have wanted hot chocolate every single day. Definitely better in terms of healthy choices rather than reaching for a king size Mr. Big bar, but still a little indulgent.

#4 - Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion. Saw them at the store, had to have them at 11 weeks. My husband laughed at me pretty hard but meh, I'm pregnant.

#5 - Molly Ades Maternity Preggings. These have been glorious. They are so comfortable and the panel really grows with you no matter how or where babe is sitting, what you had for dinner etc. {pppssst: full review coming in January!}

#6 - Chambray pullovers. I've gotten mine {one in denim and one in fuschia}at Old Navy on the clearance rack, in just a size up from what I would normally wear. Pair them with leggings and a skinny belt over your bump, and you have a pretty flattering fall maternity outfit!

#7 - Chocolate milk. Maybe between the hot chocolate and chocolate milk it's the dairy that I'm craving? Who knows. But chocolate milk is fantastic, packed with protein and lean fat, and tastes super yummy!

I'm excited to see how things change and what must-haves are at the top of my list over the next few months! Stay tuned for a 2nd Trimester Must Have list in March/April!