Winter Outerwear Options with Style

Today is all about Winter outerwear! I love the details that we are finding on winter jackets and blazers right now.

Exposed Zippers
Studded detail

Whatever you choose, make sure it has some personality. With the blustery days ahead, everyone will be wearing jackets, so it's really your opportunity to make a stand out first impression.

Ditch the black, navy and grey, and opt for a beautiful poppy red or mustard yellow! Stand out in the crowd!

Winter 2013 Outerwear Trends

Burberry jacket
2,615 CAD -

Rock N Blue leather jacket
355 CAD -

Modström blue jacket
165 CAD -

The north face jacket
120 CAD -

Dorothy Perkins blazer
28 CAD -

Trench coat
31 CAD -

Forever 21 motorcycle jacket
46 CAD -

Happy jacket shopping!