Time to Get Started

Are you dragging a little this fall? Lacing motivation and inspiration?

So often with my coaching clients, I find that they feel lost. Some have persona reasons and roadblocks holding them back, others just feel that their inspiration is gone and their passion for their business or blog is dwindling. Some get overwhelmed with deadlines, others feel that they lack focus, and some even are just scared.

Scared of what?

Getting started

Taking that first step can be scary. I know that when I started Sweet Stella's in 2010, I was terrified. I was on edge already because of my post-partum depression, and then there was the whole putting-my-art-out-there-for-the-world-to-see thing. Total vulnerability.

But, you know what? It made me stronger. Getting started is the hardest step.

I know that it's scary, but if you don't get things started for yourself...who will?

Who will know what's in your heart, and take the steps to develop those passions and make your dreams into a reality?
Who will take the risk?
Who will take that step and get things started?

The power comes from within. Harness it and create your own path!