London Lady's Half Marathon, Relay and 5km

November 3rd marked my fourth running event this fall. Fourth...that seems insane given that I really only started running regularly in July, then picked it up in September once I was cleared from the miscarriage.

My first race, the Oasis Zoo run, I was nervous as all heck. By my fourth race, I was pretty cool and calm. I knew the process, to get out of the way of others, be respectful of their space, and that it was about no one's goals but my own.

All set and ready to go!

Post-race glow with Rebecca Nash


My time was 43:36, which I was really happy with. I achieved a personal best, and finished 200 out of 273 (with the 5km walkers included).

So...what's next? Well I have the LOST running series that I'm working on. Right now I am working toward the 15km Swan medal, and have 5.149km under my belt from the London Lady's event.

After that, the 16km Flame, 23km Pearl and finally the 42km Orchid. That will complete series 1. My goal is to complete everything by Christmas.

Just gotta keep lacing up, and pushing myself!