Currently I'm, the November Edition

Happy November, friends!! Things are in full swing for the holidays here, and I am definitely having a difficult time refraining from putting up all of the decorations. Only a few more weeks and then our house will be transformed into a winter wonderland!

But, what are you currently up to? In this moment?

Reading...I actually just finished A Midsummer Nights Dream, and it was lovely! I am realy into reading classics right now trucks with Owen
Watching...what I say! We have a little parrot on our hands, so we have to be very careful these days I said, trying NOT to decorate for Christmas jsut yet
Cooking...the crock pot is making my life easier these days
Eating...ShakeO each and every morning. It helps so much with digestion and bloat!
Drinking...trying to up my water intake, but boy is it difficult!
Texting....with Shizz, and it usually involves a decent amount of profanity
Pinning...DIY gift ideas for the holidays
Tweeting...with the lovelies of #mombizmondays at 10pm EST most monday's projects for DecoArt
Doing...much better lately. My head is clearer and I'm learning to trust when my husbands gentle words relax after a busy race season
Loving...that Christmas is right around the corner. It's my favourite time of year
Discovering...that my body doesn't give up on itself
Enjoying...a cup of hot tea
Thinking...I've been way too hard on myself peace
Hoping (for)...a productive month
Listening (to)...Fun
Celebrating...the power radiating from my very being
Smelling...yummy dinner in the crockpot!
Thanking...those who fought for us to be free
Considering...growing out my bangs...which likely won't happen
Finishing...custom orders for Christmas delivery sculpture for our bedroom wall!