Casual Winter Fashion for 2013

When I started looking at my editorial calendar and realized that November meant Winter fashion, I went off to Polyvore to create some boards.

Winter in Southwestern Ontario means a mix of warm and cold. We get prepared for mounds of snow, but sometimes, that doesn't happen! I thought that this look was a lovely casual, yet cozy, look that is on trend for Winter!

Casual Winter 2013

Green top
27 CAD -

A|Wear dark wash jeans
28 CAD -

Pink & Pepper studded booties
58 CAD -

Old Navy shoulder strap purse
26 CAD -

Bracelet bangle
11 CAD -

The mint top is a great staple for every wardrobe, not just winter, and certainly will carry you through Spring 2014.

Dark washed skinny jeans...hello! Everyone should have these hanging in their closets.

What makes this outfit stand out are the details. The studded boots, perfect for the transition of fall to winter, then winter to spring, are fantastic. Use them again in the Spring with a cute sun dress for a photo shoot!

The cross body back in a plum tone is perfect for a casual day out at the market or book shop. It's a great split complimentary color to the mint, and when paired with the neural but beautiful stacked bracelets, makes a real statement.

What will you be wearing this winter?