Progress Reports from The Little Gym

One of the new elements at The Little Gym that we absolutely love are the progress reports that are sent via email to you at the end of every learning unit.

For the past four weeks, Owen has been working on soccer skills and rules, using his listening ears and following the teacher.

This is what came through my email today, that made me smile and oh so proud of our Bear.

Pretty awesome! He's really getting the hang of working together, playing well with others and growing his confidence with every sport they take on.

Now we are onto golf, and let's just say that he's a fan

I love the teachers that he has. Ms. Erin has taken extra time with Owen to help him figure out his grip and is helping him embrace his left handedness.

I have about 10 passes left for London and area parents, so if you see us out and about...snag one before they are gone so you can experience just how awesome The Little Gym is!

Disclaimer: I am a Mombassador for The Little Gym in London, Ontario. We receive a discounted tuition for Owen's classes, however all the views and opinions expressed at 100% my own.