Preschool Fall Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Children

A great big thank you to Melissa from Never a Dull Moment for guest blogging today and coming up with some easy and stress free preschooler fall craft ideas that you can do with your children at home!

I love fall, it is honestly my favorite season and who can resist the beautiful changing leaves? Lexie is loving the change of the seasons too; and now with the growing curiosity that comes with being a 3 year old I never know what is coming in the house.


why not use the pine cones as a pretty center piece? Her current favorite is pine cones and apples, which made picking a few fall crafts to start off the season with quite easy. We washed some dirt off a few of the apples, I cut them in half, and we did apple stamps. I'll be honest, for as much as she loves to paint I expected this to be a much bigger hit then it was!

 I love the hand print, foot print, (and ever finger printing) paintings; and Lexie's so used to them she knows when we do one we have to do one for each set of Grandparents. Though I must say the attention span of Lexie did not last this activity.
 I looked at some interesting leaf painting ideas and thought why not let her just paint on the leafs? She thought this was awesome! But as dead leaves do they died, and didn't last long. PicMonkey Collage  

 There are a few more we will definitely be making, such as the handshaped wreath and the leaf candle holder! Looking for more toddler friendly fall crafts?

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