Planning a Home Office or Studio Renovation

I have a space in my home art studio that is begging for a couch...chair...stool...something to sit on while I sketch and work out designs for gallery compositions. Currently, I do have a single piece of seating in my studio.

My homemade desk is almost at chest height, which makes for sore shoulders and a sore back a lot of the time.

Credit: Hanlon Lain Photography

The room is about 10'x10', so there is lots of room for adding a seating area and maybe some more storage. I currently have a small 3' high bookcase that houses a variety of my sculpture, and another 3' unit with doors and a drawer that is used for all of my shipping and labeling supplies. Since I don't really sit at my work table, I can put one of the unit under it and still have it be functional, than make the other side of the room more functional for drawing, planning, and some funky storage on the wall.

A studio makeover is in the works, friends! I'm really excited to see how it all develops, including a large oversized piece of art for the wall opposite my work table.

Stay tuned for inspiration and progress posts!