LOST Running Series

Have you ever entered a virtual running series? When I joined the #rundisney group on Facebook, and saw Joe posted about his LOST Running Series, I went to investigate what this was all about.

The LOST Running Series consists of 6 stations for the first series, all themed after the different Dharma stations. {call me a geek...whatever...it's cool}.

Station 1: Hydra 4km
Station 2: Arrow 8km
Station 3: Swan 15km
Station 3: Flame 16km
Station 5: Pearl 23km
Station 6: Orchid 42km

See what he did there? 4....8...15...16...23...42...Clever!

Admittedly, since the weather turned super cold here in Southwestern Ontario, I needed a little kick in the rear to get back out there. This was PERFECT!

Hydra4km on October 23rd, 2013

See that? 4 Celcius! And man did it feel much cooler!

But you know what's really awesome? After every leg of the series, you get a medal!!

It definitely is motivating me to get out there...bundled up and all!

How are you staying motivated in these cold months?