Gobble Gobble!! Running a 6km at the Gobbler Gallop and setting a Personal Best!

To say that I was nervous to run my first solo race was an understatement. The Oasis Zoo Run and color Me Rad, I had the support of my beautiful bff's at my side, and waiting for me at the finish line.

The Gobbler Gallop...I was on my own. I set out, praying that it wasn't going to rain (which it didn't) and headed to Springbank Park in London. I was met by the most cheerful bunch of runners, most who train for these types of races through the Running Room.

First, the kiddos went for the 1km Waddle. It was so cute and they even got medals upon finishing.

Then it was our turn. The way they had it set up was a 3km loop, and you had the option of running 3km or 6km. Going for the gusto, I had my sights set on 6km.

 The first mile was relatively easy, even with my groin/quad strain that I have been nursing over the past week, and thankfully the course went down the big Boler hill and not up. I think I surprised a few of the runners and volunteers when I kept going through the Start/Finish to do my second loop.

All in all, I beat my pace, and my past two 5km times! At the 5km mark, I was at 42mins. Then I saw this little dude and was SO excited.

I yelled at him (over the music in my ears) for him to run with me and he very excitedly did.

I'm super proud to have a 6km race under my belt, and finished top 10....which isn't too difficult when only about 10 people continued through the first 3km to run the full 6km race. Ha! Still a pretty awesome feeling!

And I definitely did not expect to get a medal at the end, so that was pretty awesome and it is up on the wall next to my Color Me Rad bib and Oasis Zoo Run bib and medal.

Next up...the London Lady's Half Marathon and 5km on November 3rd!