Faux Glam Pumpkins using Americana Multi Surface Satin and Craft Twinkles

This year, I am really getting into decorating for Halloween and since our party is themed after the saying Something Wicked This Way Comes, I decided that we needed to get our decor chic and stylish.


Faux Pumpkins
Americana Multi Surface Satin paint in the colors of your choice (Black Ice, Dolphin, White Birch, and Cottonball are all excellent choices for this project)
Glamour Dust paints in black and white
Gloss Enamels writers in black and white
Sponges and paint brushes

There really aren't too many rules with this project and it is a great one for your little ones to engage in. Have them each create their own glam pumpkin with the Multi Surface Paint. This paint is great for projects like these as it goes on nice and thick, and unless you are painting on glass {which you can with it!} you will only need one coat.

Give your pumpkins some personality. Paint them with glittering Glamour Dust paints for an added effect, and cluster them in groupings of 3 or 5.

Next are your embellishments. Give your pumpkins a monogram with buttons or thumb tacks. Add some ribbon and bows to the stem. Go crazy, or keep it simple. I used Gloss Enamels writers to create a three dimensional faux milkglass look.

Once your pumpkins are done, let them dry overnight before giving them a new home. Ours are going up on our mantle with our chalkboard and some branches.

Happy Halloween!

Tips: For a 3-dimensional design to your pumpkins, draw on your design with hot glue before painting your pumpkin with the Multi Surface Satin or Twinkles!

Paint your stems last so that you have something to hold on to while you are painting the surface of your pumpkins!

No candlesticks lying around? Flip over a drinking glass, or piece of bar ware and set your pumpkin on top!

Disclaimer: I am a part of DecoArt Core Blogger Program and was financially compensated for this post. The concept, views and opinions expressed are my own.