Oasis Zoo Run 5km Recap, Toronto Running Events

It was a very rainy, and slightly chilly morning this after Saturday at Metro Toronto Zoo for the Oasis Zoo Run, but adrenaline was pumping and there was a medal waiting for me at the end.

I've got to say, running in this large of an event was hugely intimidating, but once I was out on the course with my music in my ears, It was all worth it.

Going through all of this training with my bff' Tiff and Heather (left and right, respectively) has been amazing. We message one another upon completing a run, pump each other up and don't let one another down...ever. Today was no exception.

I knew that they would both be faster, but that it didn't matter. What I didn't realize is that I would see them out on the course! We greeted each other with smiles and high fives and it gave me that little boost to keep moving.

We ran by giraffes, flamingos and jaguars. We ran in huge puddles, on muddy paths, and finished when we finished. They told me that the time wouldn't matter, only finishing would; and boy, were they right!

When I saw the 4km marker, I thought ok, you got this, just one more to go. It helped that the volunteers on the coruse were offering high fives, had cow bells and were yelling for u to keep pushing. Then it was up a slight hill and I saw it...

The finish line.

And I saw about 10 people in front of me sauntering along. All of a sudden, I got competitive and started running like a bear was chasing me! I beat them....actually about 300 of them.

45:12, place 1090 {officially - tied with 3 other people). 9:03/km pace. Finished 145 of 178 in my category, and 729 of 952 in my gender.

Very proud, and seeing my bff's, husband and kiddo smiling and cheering me on was incredible!!

I'm not sure the last time that I smiled THAT big. Ear to ear, dimples, with my eyes...everything!

These girls mean everything to me! Everything in the entire world. They have been with me to make dreams come true, and today we did just that. Yahoo!!!

I really cannot think of a better piece of hardware to earn on your birthday, after months of training, tears, determination and sore muscles.

PS: yes I chose a matching outfit...my shoes and socks and shirt are pink!