Much Love Monday - our anniversary celebrations

This past Friday, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. What started out as an ordinary day, ended with sweet surprises, a spotless house and a beautiful new outlook on our life, relationship and home.

After running errands with our son, I set off to Artistic Spa for a sugar scrub and massage. My best girl Heather had given me gift cards for my birthday last year and I hadn't used them. Given everything that has gone on over the past few weeks, I figured that I deserved a little trip to the spa.

What I didn't know is that my sneaky husband had booked a manicure and pedicure for me! I was super confused when the ladies at the spa told me I had more treatments, and was borderline argumentative, insisting that they had me confused with someone else and that I really did not have any more treatments.

I came home to a sparkling house. I was already in shock from the mani/pedi and then a clean house? Heaven!

Hubs was super thoughtful (and apparently reads the blog, so the wooden box I created a few weeks ago was no surprise. Whoops!) and picked out wine from a few places that we went to on our honeymoon, and selected a gorgeous wooden bracelet from a local shop.
The leggings and suede booties? My anniversary gift to myself!

We set off for dinner at my favourite restaurant in London, Ontario, The Tasting Room, and then to Marble Slab for my kind of night cap!

It really was the perfect way to celebrate! Cheers to many more years of anniversary dates!