Mastermind South London Grand Opening Blogger Event

I had such a fun and unique opportunity this morning to check out the new Mastermind Toys store in South London, Ontario. We are very familiar with Mastermind; Owen actually calls it the train store since that is where we go for new Thomas and Chuggington trains, but this event was just for mama.

We sat down with Lisa from Marketing and Store Operations {sidenote: she has the super cool job of going to toy shows on the buying team...FUN!} to learn all about the hot new toys that are coming onto the market for Fall...and then do some shopping!

Lisa from Mastermind Toys

My absolute favourites from this morning were the Hex Bug Aqua Bots and the and the B.You Turns. These two toys are perfect for my little dude, and teach him a thing or two!

Maija from Maija's Mommy Moments playing with You Turns
The You Turns is such a neat toy - it teaches direction, and is a nice, quiet toy; perfect for travel and entertainment in the car or on a plane! Definitely on our list for Christmas.

Mastermind started back in 1984 by two brothers in a 300 sq ft. building. It began as an educational games company, but the brothers quickly learned that they loved toys and bringing a fun learning environment to kids with products that would last their lifetime.

We love Mastermind because it is bright, colorful and the staff are always super pleasant. They offer free gift wrapping, and you literally can run in saying you need a gift for a birthday party, tell them the age of the child, and you will leave with something that will dazzle that child. It may not be what was on their list, but it will be the gift that they play with for hours on end. Unique, fun, and things that you won't find in any other toy store.

And now that I brought home a Hex Bug Aqua Bot, we have officially set up a tank for Swim...Owen's new shark.

see that smile??
A huge thank you to Mastermind Toys South London for the opportunity to come and learn a whole new reason to love your store!