Learning Sportsmanship at The Little Gym

The first sport of the Mini Jacks season at The Little Gym is soccer.

Now...for alot of other kiddos around the 3 and 4 year old age range, soccer is no problem. For Owen, it's a bit of a challenge. My little lefty wants to carry the ball around, and block others.

Goalie in the making.

Last week they worked on sportsmanship. This is one of the really big reasons why I love The Little Gym - the teachers always take time to teach the little ones about working together, waiting their turn, and helping one another out.
The first soccer class also involved taking turns kicking the ball with the teacher, Miss Mac, while the other kiddos watched on the big red mat. I thought that this was pretty brilliant. Such a simple thing to have them do, but teaching patience and celebrating each others success.

I can't wait to see how the next three weeks of soccer go at The Little Gym. Owen is really getting the hang of using his feet with the ball, but I know he's going to be pretty pumped this week when they transition to goalie!

If you see my out and about in London, Ontario, be sure to ask me for a free class pass to The Little Gym! I always have them on me!