Healthy Eating Out, review of Denny's Fit Fare Menu

You've been invited out for brunch with your friends, and they've picked Denny's. You start thinking of buttery pancakes and bacon, waffles and the ever popular Grand Slam. Then you think of all of the running that you've been doing lately, the pants that finally fit and consider not going for brunch so as to not derail yourself from your healthy goals.

Well! Go get that brunch, girl! Denny's has developed a new Fit Fare menu with delicious options such as the Loaded Veggie Omelette (under 15g of fat, and served with fruit salad on the side!), Fit Slam (under 500 calories) and even a fabulous salad, Cranberry Apple Chicken (also available in half sizes).

Oh and those pancakes that you want to have, but feel guilty about? Check these out

Yes, friends, those are banana pecan pancakes. Made with whole wheat flour, and with a side of egg whites and turkey bacon, this is a DELICIOUS protein packed breakfast that will keep you going all day. Under 15g of fat, and with 8g of fiber, this is an option you won't feel guilty about.

Now when my girlfriends suggest we go for brunch, I have Denny's in mind, knowing that I can get a healthy breakfast at a reasonable price, and not feel guilty for the rest of the day!

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Disclaimer: I was compensated by Denny's with a gift card to try the Fit Fare menu. All opinions expressed are my own.