Follow the Leader

This past week at The Little Gym, Owen learned all about using his listening ears and following the leader. It was really awesome to watch from the window...

Miss MacKenzie would start running on the red mat, and all of the kiddos would chase her. Then she would stop, so would they. Off she went again, this time taking giant steps. They modeled everything that she did and they all took direction incredibly well.

Taking direction is something that we struggle with at home sometimes. Owen is so awesome at independent play and really likes to do things for himself. While that is encouraged at The Little Gym, there are times where they mini jacks need to listen to their teacher and follow a series of directions.

We are still working on soccer skills, and this week was all about target practice. To merge the brain boost of taking direction with the soccer, we are encouraged to have our children try and kick a ball {with their head up} through our legs, while we stand a few feet away.

We still need to work on the head up thing, but he's using his feet more with the ball now, so that's good!

This past week, we went to the park for a playdate and met a few mom's who hadn't heard of The Little Gym, or who have been meaning to get to it but just haven't had the chance. Giving them a free pass to try out a class is such a delight! At first they seem a bit confused, but then I explain that I am a mombassador and Owen talks about how much he loves The Little Gym and they are hooked!

Stay tuned! Next week he's getting to play goalie!