Are YOU Confident?

One thing that I ask during my coaching consultations with a new client is

Do you have confidence in yourself?
Can you speak confidently about {your blog, business, company etc.}?

If you answer no to one of those two questions, then there is often a really serious roadblock standing in your way of leading your most beautiful life.

For me, the roadblocks were always myself. Self doubt, negative self talk. A feeling of unworthiness. And who allowed that to become my roadblock?


So, what can you do to break those roadblocks and find yourself? Think about what you are passionate about. Maybe it's running...maybe it's art...maybe you really love thrifting and finding a funky item you can repurpose. When we tap into those passions and uncover our natural happiness, those roadblocks seem to melt away.

Of course, I will always suggest homework assignments and meditation, one on one sessions to talk things out but ultimately it all boils down to doing some soul searching and doing what makes you happy. When you are happy, you are naturally filled with confidence and you will find that you are able to speak confidently about you, your blog, about your business.