The Lean In Movement with Sheryl Sandberg

I hadn't actually intended on going to hear Sheryl Sandberg speak, but as I sat down for breakfast and she came out on the stage for a candid conversation with Lisa Stone, I was blown away.

When she asked how many of us women were called bossy as little girls, I put up my hand. And then I thought about it. Was I really bossy, or was I just a determined young woman in the making?

It was great to reflect on. Are we aggressive, or do we just possess skills of determination and an unfailing attitude that those who succeed to high places need? Are we bossy, or as Sheryl put it, do we have executive leadership skills?

I found listening to her so very empowering. When she ended with the question of What would you do if you were unafraid I had to think long and hard.

I think this is going to be a new exploration series on the blog here, and something that I start working with my coaching clients on.

Think about it for a minute...what would YOU do if you were unafraid?