New Year New Me: Morning Meditation

There are so many wonderful benefits to meditating, and it is something that I have been doing at least once a day since about February or March.

I have my favourites {resources posted at the end} and usually do a meditation right before when I am going to bed. I find that it helps me sleep, and helps me wake up in a more positive head space.

A couple of weeks ago, Bear was deciding to sleep in well past 9:15am {yahoo!} so I thought that I would try a morning meditation.

I am always fascinated by what happens at the end of the meditation when I open my eyes. The room is always brighter and seems a thousand times larger than when I closed my eyes at the beginning. Everything feels fresh and new.

If you haven't tried incorporating meditation into your daily routine, try it! I find that it fills me with a sense of calm, it puts to ease my fears and anxiety, it helps me see the things that I truly want {and see them coming to life}.


Podcasts on the iPhone app by Meditation Oasis
Online guided meditations by Fragrant Heart
Podcasts on the iPhone app by Meditation Peace