Much Love Monday: 5th Anniversary Ideas

My husband and I are about a month away from celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. While I am eclectic and unique in pretty much every other aspect of our lives, when it comes to exchanging anniversary gifts, I get pretty sentimental and traditional.

First anniversary was paper...he received sheet music of our first dance song
Second was cotton...he received beautiful new bedsheets {he's a picky one when it comes to our sheets}
Third was leather...but I cannot remember what I got him. A new wallet I think?
Fourth was fruit or flowers, and linen...he received a linen tie from Fox and Brie with a coral underside in a floral pattern

Fifth is wood and silverware. {get your giggles out now}

Here are my top picks for traditional fifth anniversary gifts for that handsome groom of yours {and mine}!

Mid Century office globe with wooden base by Modred12

Driftwood coasters by Railis

Ziricote inlay cufflinks by WalkingDune

Peppermill and salt grinder by tealandgold

All of the above options I am certain are ones that my husband would love, even the peppermill and salt grinder. They are modern, chic, and that is something he is coming to appreciate both in style and home decor.

The ultimate option I will be keeping under wraps as I am really really excited about it and don't want to spoil the surprise!

What anniversary are you celebrating? Do you like traditional gifts, or do you do something more unique?