At BlogHer, I had the distinct honour of meeting Kelly Edwards; designer on Design on a Dime and now a designer for La-Z-Boy.

First and foremost, she is stunning. Like seriously gorgeous! Chatting with her about art and interior design flowed very naturally, and it was pretty amazing to scoop up an autographed copy of her book...and leave her my business card. Knowing that she will be looking at my art work is...well it's an amazing feeling that I just can't quite describe.

I started reading The Design Cookbook on the plane ride home from Chicago and holy moly! I am only through the dining room section, and am already thinking about changing things around in our home. We have a formal dining room, but it totally is not our style and does not reflect anything about who we are. The furniture is beautiful, but a really big part of me now wants to move the dining set into our kitchen eating area, lacquer the chairs black and change the upholstery on the seats.

BIG changes are going to be happening after meeting Kelly. I am overflowing with inspiration and will chronicle all of these beautiful changes here on the blog!