Celeb{rate} Tuesday: Dream Celebs

So my celeb styles have wrapped up for the year, and I'm left dreaming of who I would really love to design and create for.

My pick of celebrities to design for might be a little unconventional, but there is a method to my madness {I swear}

So, quite the eclectic mix, eh? Well I have reasons for each selection.

Emma Watson - she is positively adorable, on the rise, and carries herself with a great deal of grace. I would love to design some girly accessories for her

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - one of the funniest guys on primetime TV, I think he is absolutely fantastic. I would love to design a piece of sculpture for his home.

Jennifer Lawrence - oh so clearly launching into the stratosphere of stardom. Firey, alive, passionate. I would love to get a painting into her hands!

Sarah Jessica Parker - *sigh* accessories for her girls....art for her home...I would seriously somersault at the chance!

Daniel Craig - aside from being the most handsome of handsome, I think that he and his stunning wife Rachel Weisz would appreciate art, modern lines and contemporary home decor.

Anne Hathaway - a dreamer in and of herself, I would love to create a custom journal for her.

If you could design for any celebrity, who would it be? Leave me a comment!