Styling the CEO

A couple of months ago, I blogged for and wrote about how our closets can be a really big roadblock.

Yes, our closets.

Oh so often we fall into one of the following traps

I'll fit back into that once I do some hard work
What if I have another baby? Those maternity clothes will come in handy!
I'm sure that {insert fashion trend here} will come back into style
It really doesn't look that bad if I wear {insert accessory here} with it

And one thing that we so often forget is to dress for the job that we want. The one that we aspire to be, the walk that we want to walk.

We talk a big game. We live inspired lives and we inspire those around us. But does the outside match who we have built on the inside, and the businesses that we have built?

I encourage you to take a look through your closet and dresser, and purge! Build up that "to donate" pile, and feel good about donating your gently used items to those who need a fresh start.

Keep some basic staple items like a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, a black pencil skirt, a long tunic sweater and a couple of cocktail dresses.

Then....go shopping! Find some basics {white and grey tees and tanks, coral and mint for summer, oxblood and charcoal for fall} that you can pair all of the items that you kept, and change up the looks by getting some trendy accessories like these

When you have the basics, you can throw in the trends in your accessories and show the world that you are up to date with your style, and that you take yourself seriously as a business owner to stay on trend.