Planters a Plenty on Pinterest!

It's July...that means that we are very likely out on our decks and porches  enjoying the warm weather, listening to our children play and maybe even enjoying a bar-b-que with friends.

When I think of the warm weather, unfortunately it makes me think about mosquitos. More often than not, I can be found inside during that awesome BBQ with friends, while they all enjoy the warm summer night.

You see, I get bitten...badly. And I have had way too many sleepless nights with icepacks, salt solutions, After Bite and every other type of medication I can find at the ready on my night side table. It's brutal, so when I saw these beautiful double-duty planters on Pinterest, I knew that they would find a home on our deck this summer.

Lemon grass!

It is beautiful just on its own as a design element on your deck or for creating privacy, however apparently mosquitos aren't super fond of it!

What do you put in your planters for the summer?