Philanthrophy Thursday...Ovarian Cancer Canada

Today, I invite you to make a difference and support the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope.

Make a difference! Support the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope!

I have been the CoChair in London, Ontario since 2011 and I can honestly say that this organization has changed my outlook on life.

me and my CoChair, Paige, in 2011

Do I have a personal connection?
Did I lose someone to ovarian cancer, the most deadly gynecological cancer?


I don't and I haven't.

I got involved after having my son in 2010 as a Walk participant, then came on board as a CoChair in 2011. I soon got to know the lovely Claudia and her story struck a chord with me. Here was this beautiful woman who was an ovarian cancer survivor, roughly my age, who had undergone surgery and she lost her chance to become a mom.

My heart wept for her.

And then....the call came. She and her husband were adopting!! They are now parents to a beautiful boy and she is....gah! She is such an amazing mom!

She is my reason for being so heavily involved and for wanting to educate every woman that I come in contact with about ovarian cancer.

Whether you donate, volunteer, register as a virtual walker, or get involved with corporate matching, your support to save a life is need and SO appreciated!