New Year New Me...Sweaty Bands!

What does a runner do when their bangs are growing out {badly needing a cut} and getting stuck to their forehead with sweat during these hot nights of running?

They get Sweaty Bands!

I cannot gush about how much I love these amazing headbands for women who run. First and foremost, they stay in place. Like joking about this at all. They actually stay where you put them before going out and getting all sweaty.With help from the moisture wicking velvet underside, these babies stay in place!

They come in all of these trendy, funky and cool patterns. I LOVE how chic they are, and yes, looking good while I'm running is important {I even match my socks to the colour of my top...}. Florals, animal prints, prints with bling, stripes and polka dots. Literally every pattern you could want, and solids too! Thick, thin...whatever you need, you will find a Sweaty Band for it!

You can even create a custom Sweaty Bands headband with your logo, team or other insignia to set you apart from the pack!

Where can you find Sweaty Bands? Tonnes of yoga studios and boutiques across the USA and even department stores like Nordstrom {with shipping to Canada! Holla!} Use their interactive map to find the location nearest you!

*Disclaimer: I received a pair of Sweaty Bands, the #1 headband for runners, for the purposes of this review and post. All views and opinions expressed are my own.