Element and Principles of Design...Contrast

I'm thrilled to share with you my favourite design principle, contrast, today in our Elements and Principles of Design series.

Go ahead and paint me with the geek-brush, but absolutely I have a favourite art and design principle and it is contrast without a doubt!

Why do I love contrast so much? Well, it is defined as using elements of art and design to conflict with one another.

Picture....oil and water. The two don't mix, but when you shake them up in a jar they create a brand new composition. Let them settle, and they are changed all over again.

It's the evolution of change behind the conflict and contrast that I love so much.

Take this piece, for example.

There are so many elements used in this piece of wearable art.

First, there is contrast in the tones that are used. The white conflicts with the black, and the purple conflicts with both of those tones as it is out of the realm of monochromatic.

Next, the line conflicts with the round shape of the actual piece.

Lastly, the space within the piece is conflicted by the placement of the paint.

Contrast makes for an interesting, unique and dynamic piece of work! See why I love it!?