10 Things To Know About Me, the BlogHer Edition

That is, 10 more thing to know about me before getting to BlogHer'13 in Chicago! Make sure you link up with Steph from A Grande Life with our own 10 Things before we all meet up in Chicago!

Look for this friendly face at BlogHer'13! @sweetstellas

1) From age 6 to 14, I wanted to be a marine biologist {more specifically a biological oceanographer}. Then I took trigonometry and said...word I shouldn't type here.

2) I used to think that turtle necks and button up vests were so cool

3) My first ever concert was 98 Degrees. Their opener? Jessica Simpson.

4)  I have not seen the following movies in their entirety: The Sound of Music, Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink, Risky Business.

5) I have, however, watched Cars, Shrek, The Ant Bully, Ratatouille, Polar Express on repeat and loved every moment of it

6) I started writing short stories when I was in grade 5 (so about age 8) and started writing poetry in grade 9. I was published in the news paper a few times, and even have one of my poems from late in high school published in a book.

7) I grew up with a dalmatian named Tony {short for Anthony Aloicious} that would sleep on my twin bed when I was sick or sad. Dalmatian....as in huge hyper dog.

8) I hyphenated my last name so as to always hold onto a piece of my Dad, who passed away 3 years before my wedding.

9) Tomatoes are squishy and I do not like them

10) I HAVE to sleep facing the door, but not on the side closest to the door. And when my husband travels for work...who-eee! Every baby gate gets locked!

So...what should we know about YOU!?!