We've got Fly DIY, do you?

Shannon and I are busily prepping decor, finalizing budgets and selecting food for the Fly DIY Party at BlogHer13.

We've come up with two make-and-take stations and one collaborative project that we are both really excited about.

Last year, we went back to Boston and London and started talking about how as a blogging community, we swoop in on the host city, take in the experience, then go on our merry way. What do we leave behind? What is our mark?

When we first out our party plan together, we knew that we wanted to be able to do something to give back to the host city. What we came up with is a collaborative mural station where bloggers can write inspirational messages, draw pictures and leave their mark on a roll of canvas. The mural will be donated to local day care centre or Early Intervention program.

We really hope that you will join us in creating this mural. We will have supplies a plenty from fabric markers to acrylic paint writers, so make sure you come with your creativity on your sleeve and your imagination coming through your fingertips!