The Bear Turns Three

On Sunday, it will be exactly three years since this little ball of energy that I so affectionately call my Bear came into our lives.


It seems like forever ago and sometimes I wonder where the time went, then all at the same time I look at him, with his curly hair and dimples, and think that he is so little still.

Each and every day, he amazes me. Whether he giving all of his car, trucks and trains different voices, and making up stories, or he is cheering me on while I am working out, he is absolutely this inspiration behind everything that I do.

A few of his favourite things...

Charlie and Alfred, his stuffed elephants
Snuggle and Song with Mama every night {I still sing to him every night, and his favourite tune is Yesterday by the Beatles}
Everything and anything that is Thomas
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Doing pushups with Daddy
Going to the Playground
Frozen Yogurt dates with Mommy

We are so thankful and fortunate to be your parents, Little Bear. Thank you for the most amazing 3 years of our lives.