New Year New Me, I {heart} my running pants

So, I have a confession.

I am absolutely in LOVE with my new running pants. Previously, I only had one pair of athletic capri leggings that I really loved and didn't give me a wedgie while running or working out. Try as I might, no other pants quite fit the bill.

I went back to WalMart to get just another pair of the leggings, thinking that if I had two pairs, I'd be all set for running four times a week. Apparently, the capris only come in charcoal grey and I was looking for a little variety.

So, I bought these as well as the capris.

I have to say, I absolutely love them. Value wise, they're fantastic at just $12 a pair. What I love most about them is how slimming they are! I know that probably sounds really silly, but there's something really motivating about feeling good in your workout clothes. I see my slim legs (hello! Look at those calves!) and feel awesome about all that I have accomplished.

I definitely am going to have to go back and get another pair of the running leggings, especially before fall.

What are your fave workout clothes?