Finding Your Inner Strength

Consider your roadblocks for a moment. What are the things, people, challenges that stand in your way of being awesome?

For a long time, I was my biggest challenge. I've mentioned before that I've consistently seen myself as an overweight, awkward and unattractive person. It goes way back to how I was treated in elementary and high school, but I've recently come to the realization that I allowed myself to be treated that way.

Then I started to look from within, and I found an inner strength like I had never known before. Each and every single one of us has the power to change our circumstances; to put a stop to being discouraged and start feeling empowered.

One way that I find inner strength is by meditating every night before I go to bed. I scroll through my list of podcasts on my iPhone and find what I need in that moment. If I've had an exceptionally trying day as a mom, I may need a meditation for patience. If I am feeling angry at someone or something, then it's a meditation for peace or meditation for anger management.

I rest easy, and wake up with a new sense of being. It's a fantastic feeling, and once I've started my day feeling strong from the inside out, I am able to go forth and be awesome.

This is an overtone to all of my coaching packages, and something that I am so proud when I see it in my clients. There is really no greater gift as their coach than to see them crash through their roadblocks with a wrecking ball.