Distressed Rope Art with Americana Paints

When we made over our toddler's bedroom along the Peter Pan theme, I knew that he needed something amazing over his bed with his name.

My husband and I started brainstorming unique ways to showcase his name and it dawned on me...use rope!


Nylon Rope
Hot Glue

I'm going to start this tutorial with a tip: write each letter out individually with the rope {doubled up for stability}. You can attach them and burn the edges of your rope to ensure it doesn't fray on you once the project is completed. I found that by doing each letter individually, they were a little sturdier and I was able to manipulate the rope into the letters much easier.

Once you have attached all of your letters and the hot glue has hardened, get out a stiff brush and your Sable Brown paint

I really love how this project turned out. The letters are even recognizable to our 3 year old, who loves to now spell his name and point them out!

Disclaimer: I am a part of DecoArt Core Blogger Program and was financially compensated for this post. The concept, view and opinions expressed are my own.