Creating a Gorgeous Food Table for the Fly DIY Party at BlogHer'13

As you all know, Shizz and I go a little overboard when we are planning our parties {bridal showers and birthday parties}, so when it came down to selecting appetizers and signature drinks for the Fly DIY Party at BlogHer'13, we knew that it had to be outstanding.

Appetizers by the Sheraton Chicago will be fabulous. The selections on both their hot and cold menus are incredible, and we cannot wait to taste their creations! The food table will be adorned with custom made white painters pallettes, an amazing handmade backdrop, and food label cards on tiny little easels. Shizz has really taken this project and run with it, and we are thrilled with how everything is turning out with it!

The backdrop? Oh....I'm getting a little old school with my crafts

Picture a rainbow of paper chains! I'm really excited about this project and think that it is going to be one of the elements that pushes the party overboard.

We wanted the food table to be beautiful, but also to be something that our attendees will be able to recreate themselves. {ps: Scan the QR Codes at the party for tutorials on all of the projects!}.

Creating this party, for us, was about creating an inspiring atmosphere and representing the DIY community to the best of our ability. We will be keeping certain elements under wraps, but you can be rest assured that the space will be inviting, bright, cheery, and inspiring!