An Outfit For a Pirate

One element that I am really excited about for Owen's birthday party this year is the costumes.

That's right people....costumes! You can't have a pirate party without dressing up like pirates!

For Owen, we will be going for a look like this....

What an easy outfit for him! We already have the pants, and will just need to pick up a shirt, tie a piece of tattered fabric around his waist, and a bandana or eyepatch...voila!

Daddy will likely wear something along the same lines....khaki shorts, white shirt, eye patch.

But Mommy? Oh mommy will be dressing up too! While this is my inspiration, I certainly wont be this....uhm...revealing!

Striped tee, headwrap, tattered khaki shorts or black gauchos, black sparkly gladiator sandals.

Do you dress up for your kiddo's party? This will be our first time, but I'm really excited and think it will be alot of fun!