Product Photography, before and after

You may have noticed a little tab up there that is new, and exciting and fresh and amazing.


Simply put, I am helping women see their inner strength, beauty and worth. I have found that there is no point in working on marketing yourself as a writer, blogger, brand ambassador, artist, business person until you truly believe in yourself and have the confidence to stand up for you and be the voice behind your brand.

For the past couple of months, I have been working with Kimberly of Kimberly & Co. We've taken her branding from home-craft-show-hobby to chic-trendy-accessories-boutique, and one of the biggest aspects of a successful transition to the latter is professional photography

Before, alot of dark at home photography. I find alot of handmade vendors {even me when I first started out!} take pictures of heir items on their kitchen tables, floors, a crumpled backdrop. I used to do it with a white bedsheet behind and thought that the wrinkled fabric looked artistic. Wrong-o!

After - see the difference  This is Etsy front page material and I am so thrilled for Kimberly to have taken this step with her shop. It's fresh and clean. The backdrop is simple and white and shows her products beauty before anything else.

Next we are working on at-home photography. It's one thing to work with a fabulous photographer like Hanlon Lain Photography, but another to take quick photos at home to get your items up in your shop immediately to be shared with all of your customers!

Stay tuned for our tips and tricks, and to stay up to date on Kimberly's business transformation!