Principals and Elements of Design...Variety

Time for your monthly dose of art education here on Sweet Stella's! This month, we are talking about the art principle variety.

Defined as....Variety is the quality or state of having different forms or types, notable use of contrast, emphasis, difference in size and color. source 

And visually explained very easily in miniature pieces of art! The use of contrast, and the variations in the actual physical size of the canvases aid in giving the pieces variety.

While fairly monochromatic, this piece does a great job of showing variety. There is contrast in tone and the scale of the piece, as well as movement and variety in line.

I love how this piece embraces variety. There are five different southwest inspired colours in this painting, all of which flow together to create unity and harmony. Line and movement is important in this piece. When these five elements are used in one piece, variety is achieved!

How would you explain the design principle variety?