New Year New Me...Resistance Training

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I have a renewed sense of self and have made some really positive choices for myself over the past couple of weeks. I have been doing daily meditations to ensure that my head and heart are in a good space, and that I am open to the possibility of being awesome.

I have also been doing resistance training for my upper body, every morning, over the past two weeks. The sense of strength and the visual transformation that I have been noticing is incredible.

I was always that girl who was self conscious of her arms. I had the chicken wing/Oprah underhang and would wear the baggiest of baggy clothe to cover it up. Now, I have strong shoulders, a defined collar bone area, and I'm starting to get a bicep bump!

Training with resistance bands is something that takes a whopping 15minutes of my day, in the morning, and something that my little guy cheers me on while I'm doing. I absolutely love it and over the next couple of weeks I will show you the moves that I do so that you can recreate it at home!

And remember - you've worked really hard this week and have gotten yourself into a positive space. Don't throw away all of that work by slacking over the weekend. It's all about balance; if you want to go for a dinner out, get in an extra workout or make sure that your snacks are super healthy and clean!