New Year New Me, Resistance Training Tricep Extensions

I can't believe just how much my upper body is changing from doing a quick 20 mins resistance training circut in the morning before we get going into another busy day. I am thrilled with the results, and what is even more amazing is that others are noticing.

My full routine consists of 20reps of each of the following

Bicep curls
Tricep extensions
Standing row
Torso twist {great for the obliques!}
Lateral pulldowns

Sometimes I throw in an alternating jab, sometimes a bent over row.

I also had a big AHA moment this past week. I was having my headshots for my new BlogHer13 bio cards. It was this moment right here

Sitting in our chic guest room, wearing trendy and beautiful clothes by Kristine Cook, accessories by Amber Bryce, and big blue wedge heels...reading a book to my Bear, who was in his pj's. I had a moment of Wow...I am that trendy home decor expert and artist, and a mom. Both worlds collided and fit together so perfectly.

I honestly could not be happier right now. I look in the mirror and I saw thin, toned legs. I saw my cheekbones and my tiny little waist. I

and for once, I liked what I saw.