New Year New Me...Mental Clutter

One of the most challenging aspects of undergoing a drastic lifestyle change is the mental clutter, and overcoming self doubt.

For me personally, I have always struggled with my weight. In elementary and highschool, I was constantly teased, given horrible nicknames and felt awful about myself.

Then, I met my future-husband in University. We dated, we got married, we got comfortable. Then we got pregnant, and at the beginning of my pregnancy in 2009 I was 205lbs.


Two hundred and five.

One pregnancy, two personal trainers, one round of Insanity later, I am 157lbs.

When I look in the mirror, more often than not, I still see that 205lbs woman. I see the double chin, not the cheekbones. I see the love handles, not the tiny waist.

So, how do you overcome the mental clutter and slefdoubt so as to not sabotage yourself?

I meditate, and I try to daily. It helps quiet the little voice inside that seems to creep up right at bedtime, and helps me focus on what's important.

If you want to try meditation, one app that I would recommend is Relax Lite.

It runs for about 20mins after the initial instructions, and starts by closing the doors on fear and doubt. What a fantastic thing to visualize! I actually picture myself closing and locking two doors, and I feel the self doubt quiet right down.

After 20mins, I feel...centred. I feel more determined, and more focused on my goals.

How do you deal with self doubt when undergoing such a drastic lifestyle change?